Fundraising Made Easy


Spend more time making a difference, and less time figuring out the logistics. Our easy-to-use fundraising platform is great for sellers, shoppers and stores! Make quick campaigns, track orders, collect invoices and get access to specialized marketing tools just by creating one account.

We Help Schools

Students need products that are easy to sell and deliver. We work with schools across the Midwest and make it easy for teachers, students, parents and schools!

We Help Organizations

Sunflower Fundraising is dedicated towards driving sales, and creating a positive fundraising experience for groups including local teams, churches, non-profits and more.

Making a Difference in Your Community


Are you ready to give back? By selling local small business products, we are igniting sparks throughout the Midwestern economy. Your fundraising efforts will extend far beyond your original cause when working with Sunflower Fundraising. We also donate a portion of our earnings to local charities as another way to shed positivity and light on the things that matter most. Join us on our journey of making a difference.

Connecting local fundraisers with midwest businesses.

“Thank you for making this a painless process for a clueless mom! I’ll be back for more fundraisers for sure!”

– Michelle S.

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