Choose local products for your next fundraiser!

Sunflower Fundraising Company

2020 really took a toll on small businesses. Too many have had to close their doors. One way to give back in addition to shopping locally ourselves, is to choose local for your next fundraising event. The message of raising money for your cause while also supporting our community businesses will attract more supporters. Choosing a fundraising company with local products to offer, you are supporting local jobs, building pride within our community, putting faith where it belongs with local business owners and gaining knowledge of what and who is around you. It’s exciting to know what products are crated in our own communities and all the artists behind those products. That knowledge will be great to have even after your fundraising event is over, to continue supporting local.

No One But You

“No One But You”

Do you have a group goal or an individual dream?  Do you hope to someday go to the championships, on a mission trip, senior class trip, build a community garden, supplement the cost of summer camp, or simply help a local animal shelter, food pantry or a cause close to your heart?

No one can make your goals happen except YOU!  So dive in, make that goal a reality! Write it down, do your research, learn everything you can on the topic, determine each step needed to attain your goal. If you do not have the means to act now, explore fundraising options. Find the means to accomplish those inspiring thoughts placed in your heart & make them a reality! Reaching your goal will not only be satisfying but you’ll feel fulfilled by the journey that got you there.

A Little Happy Dance

“When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance”.

As an entrepreneur running a small business you wear many hats…maybe every hat if you have no employees. This can mean, you are the creative director, the designer, marketer, constructor, the HR director (some days this is rough!), sales & accounting. You live and breathe your business 24/7. But most of all you are connecting with the consumer on the other end. The consumer that chose to shop local. It is so easy to find what you need at a big box store, but a thoughtful consumer made the conscious decision to seek out an item from a local business. They’re buying something that was created with love & care, that is now theirs to enjoy. Not only does their purchase help support your local business & family, they are making dreams come true.

Just know that, whether it be in their head or their home office, your purchase makes a business owner do a little happy dance, and for that we thank you!