How It Works

How Do I Get Started on a Fundraiser?

1. View products here & the Chris Cakes Fundraiser here to decide what you want to sell.
If you would like to see products in person contact us to set up a meeting to help determine what fundraiser is right for you.

2. Fill out this “Set Up Your Fundraiser” form.
We will contact you to go over any questions you may have & set up a timeline for your fundraiser.
Timeline tip: Start your fundraiser timeline backwards!

3.We will send you product images to promote on social media along with an order form for you to keep track of orders.
We can create a custom flyer for your fundraiser for you to print out for sellers to use. This will include the title of your fundraiser, what you are raising money for, the products and prices, contact information and the Fundraiser end date. We can include a seller incentive goal if you choose.

For incentive prize ideas click here.

4. When your fundraiser is complete, send us an email with your product totals to place your order. An invoice will be emailed to you for payment.
Sunflower Fundraising will have your order ready for pick up/delivery in about 10 business days. We will contact you to coordinate a date and time that works for you.

5. Payment is due to Sunflower Fundraising from your organization at the time of delivery/Pick Up or before.
You/Sellers collect all payment from customers & only pay SFC the cost of the product, while keeping your profit! We recommend that you do so when an order is placed. This makes product distribution to customers easier, as you only have to drop off product & not have to worry about collecting payment.

If a customer is writing a check they are to make it out to the seller or your organization! Individual payments from customers to SFC will not be accepted.

Sample Fundraising Flyers