How It Works


We want to make this process as easy as possible for you!  Our fundraising platform will support you from beginning to end, saving you time and stress!


Sign Up

Start here to get registered and we will send you a link that you email out to all of your sellers.  Have them individually sign up to receive a unique selling code.


Start Selling

Online orders – Sellers will direct customers to along with their individual code. When a customer uses this code on the website, the seller will get credit & be linked to that particular sale. At checkout, Customers have the choice of direct shipping or local delivery from their seller.

In-person orders – Sellers can print off this product flyer and this order form.  Sellers MUST manually enter the orders online by using their own code and filling out customer information from the order form before fundraiser end date.


Collect Funds

Online customers will pay at the checkout.

In-person sales we recommend collecting payment from your customer when the order is placed.


Deliver Orders

 In a turnaround time of about 2 weeks, we will deliver your product order to your organization. We will also be delivering your check for 25% of the profits raised during the fundraiser at this time!

Your organization distributes products to each seller. Sellers will receive a report with all of their orders, and deliveries can be made to customers who have chosen local delivery.

Review Results

Throughout the fundraiser, your organization will have access to up to date information, including seller sign ups, individual product sales and total money raised. Sellers will also have access to their individual reports, showing order results and funds raised.

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