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Customize Your Fundraising Experience

Option 1: 100% Virtual

Do you thrive in the world of digital? Say hello to the future of fundraising.

Optimize your fundraiser using a 100% virtual solution that allows you to start, manage, sell and track from the convenience of your device.

Option 2: Traditional

Would you prefer to stick to the basics? We have traditional fundraising solutions just for you.

Fundraise using local products with the traditional method of selling with a flyer & order form, OR You can have product in hand to sell on the spot.

We will assist you every step of the way through email, phone calls or texts.

You have an incredible selection of products at your fingertips!

You select what products & how to sell to your customer.

Partnering With Local Businesses


Midwest Made


Below are some of the small businesses we work with to supply all of the products included in your fundraiser. We pair organizations, schools, churches and individuals with local small businesses to create successful and meaningful fundraising campaigns. Together, we will transform the future of fundraising by raising funds and highlighting our local community.

PawsAbilities Sunflower Fundraising company
Kinfolk Created Sunflower Fundraising Company
Three T Bakery Sunflower Fundraising Company
Laura Miller Sunflower Fundraising Company
MHK Made Sunflower Fundraising Company

“I had a great experience with Sunflower Fundraising Co. Everything arrived in time for Christmas and the gifts were a hit. I bought two of the dog toys and had to keep one of them because my cat loved it so much. 10/10 would highly recommend.”

– Cody J.