Frequently Asked Questions


Receive 25% of the retail sales hosted by your organization!


Our fundraisers are structured to be held entirely online, saving you time & stress. You can mange marketing, view customer orders & fundraising financial data all in one spot, benefiting your overall fundraising efforts.


Businesses benefit from us because our program promotes SHOP LOCAL. We feature products from our small business partners, & hope you continue to support their business even outside of our fundraising efforts.


With minimal effort, parents can share unique fundraising codes exclusively online through social media to help raise funds for their child’s fundraiser. We help maximize your time so your overall fundraiser will benefit.

Sunflower Fundraising works because we care about our community & economy. We work with you to help reach your financial goal, meanwhile keeping your dollars in our local economy. 

How much can you expect to raise?

(Assuming 5 products sold per seller at a $15 average product price.)

Getting Started

How Do I Get Started?
To learn more read the About Us or read the How it Works pages. You can quickly get your organization registered to start fundraising by clicking here.

Do we need volunteers?
A minimal amount of volunteers needed. The only time you would need volunteers, is to help with product distribution to your sellers. The number of volunteers would be based on the number of sellers participating. One or two volunteers would be able to distribute product for an average fundraiser in less than 2 hours.

What form of payment is accepted?
Major credit cards including: Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express.

Are there any fees to host a fundraiser through Sunflower Fundraising?
Total sales with a minimum of $200 or more, there is no additional fee. Total sales with a $199 or less, a minimum delivery fee of $25 will be put in place. This delivery fee covers any location within a 20-mile radius from Downtown Olathe, KS. Anything outside the 20-mile radius a mileage fee of $0.60 to and from your location will occur.

Receiving Products

When will the organization receive purchased product?
Once your fundraiser is completed you can expect to receive your product within 2-3 weeks.

When will a customer receive a product being shipped?
Once your fundraiser is completed you can expect to receive your product within 2-3 weeks. Shipping outside of the 48 contiguous states may take longer.

How does our organization receive product that was chosen for “Local Delivery”?
A representative from our company will set up a delivery time with you. At that time, we will go over product fulfillment, review the distribution process & answer any questions you may have. You will also receive a check at this time, written out to your organization for the funds raised.

Start Selling

When should we register?
Everyone’s calendar fills up quickly! It’s important to get registered as soon as you decide on dates that work for your group.  This will give you time to strategize your fundraising efforts.

Start Shopping

How do I get a code to start shopping?
Each organization fundraising will have a unique code for their customers use. You can contact your organization for this code.

Why do I need a code to shop?
A code links your order to a specific fundraiser. By using their code, your purchase is helping the fundraiser earn profits from your purchase.