Join Our Mission for Local Growth


Sunflower Fundraising has Midwestern-made products, including gifts, seasonal items, tasty treats and household essentials. We pair local groups, schools and churches with local small businesses to create successful and meaningful fundraising campaigns. Sprouting from Chris Cakes and Make Me That, Sunflower has extensive knowledge and experience in the fundraising industry.

Together, we will transform the future of fundraisers by highlighting community significance and raising funds toward worthy causes. There is no better way to fundraise than with Sunflower Fundraising. Start contributing to your community today.

We Help Schools

Students need products that are easy to sell and deliver. We work with schools across the Midwest and make it easy for teachers, students, parents and schools!

We Help Organizations

Sunflower Fundraising is dedicated towards driving sales, and creating a positive fundraising experience for groups including local teams, churches, non-profits and more.


A prospering community which is made possible through the generosity and support of the local public.


Creating successful fundraising campaigns through the connection of small businesses and local organizations.